Historic Downtown Building Restoration Programs

Façade Grants

PACE Façade Grants are available to property owners and/or business owners located in Thomasville’s Historic Downtown District.  Eligible grant fund amounts are 50% of façade-related costs up to a maximum of $5,000. Some owners/businesses who have benefitted from this program include: Southern Sisters Restaurant, Sebastian Gallery, Monkeez Brew, and  P&G Antiques.

Historic Building Restoration Project

The PACE Group's milestone Historic Building Restoration Project will consume much of our resources for the next few years and will be a long term project.  Numerous buildings require attention. The availability of these buildings and the cooperation of their owners leaves this endeavor unpredictable. Collaboration with Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce and their recent building inventory will help us identify and prioritize future building renovations.  PACE has come full circle and the group’s patience and persistence has been rewarded with the first buildings donated by Bob Callicutt, an owner they had first approached over 20 years ago.  This project is an opportunity to profoundly affect community morale and stir engagement in the heart of our city.  PACE will engage in vigorous fundraising for this project.

Join us for our Farm to Table Event Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 12 West Main. All proceeds will go towards our Historic Downtown Building Restoration Project.